Our Founders


Born and raised in San Diego, California and coming from a upbringing where both parents are business owners, Kelson Penn has been fortunate to see the world from the eyes of a business owner. This has given him a unique understanding of what business owners are really looking for to help their businesses thrive in the 21st century marketplace. He graduated from the Army Navy Academy as a 1st Lieutenant and attended Cal State University San Marcos for business. In 2006 he started his career as a Internet marketing consultant for a local San Diego digital marketing firm. Since then he has worked for several internet marketing firms as a sales manager and most recently the Director of Sales. However, his entrepreneurial spirit along with a group of former colleagues had a bigger picture in mind. Outside of business Kelson is a race car driver, martial artist, snowboarder, scuba diver, indoor rock climber, and has interests in a wide variety of topics too numerous to list.



Siyani Christian is an IT professional with over several years of design and development experience. He is a Virginia native currently residing in Southern California. His experience and education include an information technology degree and google certifications and he continues to seek out opportunities within the field of web based development. Siyani Christian believes strongly in advancing technology and providing optimized solutions. He is a professional who practices ethical business and dedicates himself to maintaining strong business relationships locally and globally.



Devron Hunt
Born and raised in Peirce County, Washington, Devron Hunt always had a passion for music, art, and technology. As a child, Devron would spend time with his Grandfather in his radio room and learn about the different elements of AM radio, and play video games on his Commodore 64. As Devron grew older his attention shifted to music creation, photography, and video production. Throughout junior high and high school he was heavily involved in the school’s music and video and stage production programs.

After graduating high school, Devron decided to pursue his passion for music and video production and move to California. He worked on numerous independent films, sound tracks, and albums in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. After a few years of working on films and music he decided to return to school and where he received his degree in Business Marketing and Management.

For over 10 years Devron has been working with a wide range of businesses, creating everything from graphic design, web design and Online and print marketing. In his experiences he’s been able to learn firsthand that every business is different and requires its own unique approach to successful marketing, and he applies this to each WorldWeb Media client he works with.